We help companies measure greenhouse gas emissions across their supply chains


Companies face increasing pressure from regulators and consumers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions

Status Quo

Businesses currently lack efficient solutions to measure greenhouse gas emissions

Poor data quality

Self-reported data is often unverifiable and error prone


Consultancy engagements are unaffordable for most companies


Lack of transparent methodology renders results inauditable


A granular and automated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reporting platform for global supply chains



We combine firsthand supply chain data with bespoke models and industry-leading benchmarks


Our automated cloud-based platform makes it easy and cost-effective to map out any supply chain’s GHG emissions


Our reports are based on recognised GHG accounting methodologies to allow straightfoward auditing


CarbonChain is led by a team of experienced engineers & business developers dedicated to sustaianable supply chains

Adam Hearne

Co-founder and CEO

Adam has been a mover of physical goods for as long as he can remember. From moving millions of tonnes of ore around the world at Rio Tinto, to moving millions of parcels at Amazon, he understands how to tackle the modern day challenges faced by age-old supply chains.

Roheet Shah

Co-founder and COO

Roheet has been helping businesses grow across the world for over a decade. From advising Fortune 500 companies’ go-to-market and growth strategies as a BCG consultant to managing Amazon UK’s smart home business, he is able to blend commercial intuition with strategic thinking to drive results. 

Jeremiah Smith

Head of Product

Jeremiah was originally destined to a career in Academia (Artificial Intelligence PhD, Imperial College) but fell in love with the startup way a decade ago which led him to become a versatile product manager, growth hacker and everything in between to make things happen.

Yury Oparin

Lead Developer

Yury has over 15 years of experience developing scalable applications in the B2C and B2B realms including 8+ years of experience in the startup space.

Matthew Perlman

Head of Partnerships

Unearthing growth opportunities and dealing with stakeholders has always been a natural fit for Matthew, who has extensive experience developing international partnerships.

Shailesh Shah


Shailesh is the former Chief Risk Officer, Wealth Management at UBS where he dealt with holistic risk oversight over the bank’s international wealth management activities and stress test models.

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